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Sfera Labs Partners with Raspberry Pi and Italtronic to Showcase Open-Source Innovations at Embedded World 2024

April 1, 2024
April 1, 2024

Sfera Labs, a leading manufacturer of servers, embedded systems, I/O modules, and sensors for industrial automation, IoT, and edge computing, is excited to announce its participation in Embedded World 2024. Embedded World is an annual trade fair and conference for embedded systems technology held in Nuremberg, Germany from April 9th to 11th, 2024.

During the event, Sfera Labs will showcase its products, including the newest Iono Pi Max v2 and Strato Pi Max, at the Raspberry Pi stand (Hall 3A, Booth 138). Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Sfera Labs' products and see how they can be utilized in real-world applications.


Sfera Labs' commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing high-quality, customizable, and user-friendly products have made it a valuable partner of Raspberry Pi. The collaboration between the two companies enables developers and users to create robust and reliable embedded systems for various applications, such as building automation, environmental monitoring, and machine control.


Italtronic, a leading company in the design and production of plastic enclosures for electronics, has been a partner of Sfera Labs since its early days. At Embedded World 2024, Italtronic will display the Strato Pi Max XL and Strato Pi Max XS enclosures at their stand (Hall 3A, Booth 141).


The Strato Pi Max is a DIN rail mounted industrial controller with Wi-Fi and BLE wireless connectivity, dual Ethernet ports, dual SD, eMMC and/or SSD storage options, and two USB ports. The module supports up to four embedded expansion boards, offering additional capabilities such as serial (RS485/RS232) and CAN bus interfaces, digital I/O, extra wireless connectivity, and support for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This powerful module provides an innovative, advanced, and cost-effective solution for industrial automation.



The Iono Pi Max is a Raspberry Pi-based PLC with a CM4S core, exemplifying how Sfera Labs leverages the Raspberry Pi platform to develop powerful and flexible solutions for control and monitoring systems across various applications. The Iono Pi Max v2 features a wide range of analog and digital interfaces, including highly accurate galvanically isolated inputs for industrial probes, inputs for Pt100 and Pt1000 temperature sensors, and digital inputs for integrating counters and status signals.


Embedded World attracts professionals from companies involved in the manufacturing, supply, or use of embedded systems and components. It serves as an excellent platform to showcase the latest products, technologies, and innovations. Sfera Labs' participation in this event demonstrates its commitment to innovation and becoming a reference for industrial automation products and services based on innovative, widespread, open-source, community-supported technologies.


If you are attending Embedded World 2024, be sure to visit the Raspberry Pi and Italtronic stands to learn more about Sfera Labs' products and solutions. You can also follow Sfera Labs on social media to stay updated with their latest news and updates.


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