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Expanded lineup of P-channel MOSFET for general purpose Torex Semiconductor now offers five new products of XP22x series (-20 Withstand Voltage) for MOSFET.   The products are general-purpose P-channel MOSFET with low on-resistance and high-speed switching. The devices can be employed for various applications, including relay circuits and switching circuits. The gate protection diode is built-in, providing static protection. The six series are in compact SOT-323-3A (2.1mm x 1.25 x h0.95mm) or SOT-23(TO-236)(2.4mm x 2.9mm x h1.15mm package with contributing space saving.   These environmentally-friendly products comply with the EU RoHS Directive and are lead-free.   Torex will continue to swiftly develop products that meet market needs and contribute to a richer and more abundant society. 03-08-2020 | Torex Semiconductor | Power
High performance fixed frequency PLO uses simple plug and play Z-Communications offers a new RoHS compliant fixed frequency phase-locked loop model SFS9250C-LF operating in the X-band. The device is a simple to use plug and play PLO providing for fast integration. It is intended to deliver a fixed signal at 9250MHz while locked to an external 10MHz reference oscillator. This exceptional PLO features particularly low phase noise of -75dBc/Hz, -92dBc/Hz, and -118dBc/Hz at the 1kHz, 10kHz and 100kHz offsets, respectively. The device is intended to produce an output power of -3dBm into a 50Ohm load while running off a VCO voltage supply of 5VDC and drawing 90mA and a phase-locked loop voltage of 3VDC while drawing 11mA. This unmatched product offers a typical harmonic suppression of -30dBc and spurious suppression of -70dBc. The device is housed in the company's standard SFS-L1 package measuring 1" x 1" x 0.22". The device is also excellent for automated surface mount assembly and is provided in tape and reel packaging.   The device is a great choice for swift product rollouts and is well suited for radar applications needing operation over the temperature range of -40C to 85C. 03-08-2020 | Z-Communications | Subs & Systems
Ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators for automotive applications Euroquartz has released a new series of surface mount ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators created for employment in automotive applications. Providing a broad operating temperature range from -40C to +125C, the new XOY series features superior phase noise performance of -155dBc/Hz at 10kHz and -160dBc at 100kHz offset. Femtosecond integrated phase jitter is 150fs typical (12kHz to 20MHz) and frequencies possible range from 1.25MHz to 50MHz.   The new automotive-grade components are contained in a 3.2mm x 2.5mm surface-mount package with supply voltages of 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V (±10%) available. Further specifications include 15pF LVCMOS load, a maximum rise time of 10ns, maximum start-up time of 5ms and tri-state function as standard. Current consumption is 2mA to 6mA maximum depending on supply voltage and frequency. Ageing is ±2ppm maximum for the first year. Solder profile is 260C max. 03-08-2020 | Euroquartz | Automotive Technologies
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