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Arrow Edge AI engineering services launches to boost support for advanced device development

May 15, 2024
May 15, 2024

Arrow Electronics is launching Arrow Edge AI engineering services to support customers in accelerating their embedded applications with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The services provided include engineering consultancy, technical training, design services, ready-to-use software, and a curated selection of vendor-specific and independent tools.


The company recognizes that AI will be one of the key technologies in the coming decade and that AI algorithms are already being embedded in various consumer and industrial applications. Developing AI applications for edge computing platforms can be challenging, and Arrow Edge AI engineering services aim to assist customers throughout the entire development lifecycle. This includes tasks such as initial analysis, determining the right approach, algorithm development, model training, optimization, and deployment.



Edge AI presents numerous opportunities for product developers to create innovative solutions in areas such as wearables, IoT gateways, smart sensors, autonomous machines, and more. These products can be deployed in various settings, including factories, cities, homes, smart buildings, agriculture, utility networks, and retail. Edge AI not only improves performance and efficiency but also enhances security and reduces dependence on continuous network connectivity.


The Arrow Edge AI engineering services portfolio covers a wide range of edge AI applications, including object detection, facial recognition, industrial inspection, voice control, sound analysis, and touch sensing.


In addition to consulting and design assistance, Arrow Edge AI engineering services provide extensive training on AI theory, algorithm development, modeling, software tools, and applications like predictive maintenance. These resources are accessible through an online hub, which also offers learning materials such as articles and videos to help users achieve their goals.


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