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Do the Coaxial speaker cables sound different? Coaxial speaker cable These cables (сoaxial speaker cable) carry a digital signal from a source (such as the digital output of an HD player) to a digital input on an AV receiver or processor/preamplifier. The digital-to-analog conversion takes place inside the receiver. In this case, one digital cable can transmit both stereo and en... 20/01/2022
Mintsifra offers Lenovo, HP and Acer to release laptops with Russian processors Russian laptops According to Kommersant, citing the minutes of the meeting of the Ministry of Digital Development, the government is offering electronics manufacturers Lenovo, Acer and HP as part of an experiment to create a batch of 50,000 laptops that will run on processors of domestic developers. Sources of the newsp... 19/01/2022
Samsung was the first company in the world to implement the process of computing in MRAM. Samsung has done what no other company has done. The Koreans were the first in the world to implement the process of computing in MRAM. Magnetoresistive RAM can replace conventional dynamic memory with many advantages. However, when it comes to computing directly in memory, a number of problems arise. As pointed out in a scientific pa... 18/01/2022
New automated hand New "mechanical arm" has the precision to manipulate tiny electronic components with tweezers Researchers at Ajou University (South Korea)  have made a mechanical hand with such high precision that it can pick up and hold ( for example - chicken eggs) without damage and also cut paper with scissors, and use tweezers t... 17/01/2022
Baikal-M: Experimental batch of motherboards The Russian developer of telecommunication platforms "Teleplatforms" LLC has developed and manufactured a pilot batch of motherboards for telecommunication applications based on the Baikal-M processor. Baikal-M Baikal-M (BE-M1000) is a russian system-on-a-chip with 8 ARM Cortex-A57 cores, 8-core Mali-T628 GPU and a wide rang... 13/01/2022
NR-DC: 5G world data rate record with 8 Gbps 8Gbps Download Speed ​​on 5G Network Samsung and Qualcomm have surpassed the 5G world data rate record with 8 Gbps. The company's achievement of a new record was explained by the use of New Radio Dual Connectivity (NR DC) technology, which combines the mmWave frequencies and the 5G mid-range. 8 Gbps achieved in a Samsung laborator... 12/01/2022
RCS photonic technologies will control space debris Photonic technologies For timely control of near-earth space, as well as control and observation of artificial objects and space debris in Earth orbit, specialists from the Russian holding Russian Space Systems (RKS, part of the State Corporation Roscosmos) propose to use the latest photonics technologies and unique methods of ground processi... 11/01/2022
Everything is fine with Huawei Everything is fine with Huawei: the company bought a business center in St. Petersburg for 5 billion rubles Chinese electronics maker Huawei, which has been plagued by US sanctions, is doing great in other hi-tech segments. Huawei company bought the Kantemirovsky business center in St. Petersburg (Petrogradsky district ) for 66&n... 10/01/2022
Ericsson is considering the possibility of release of equipment for 5G base stations in Russia 5G base stations by Ericsson  The source said that Ericsson is exploring the possibility of localizing the production of 5G base stations in Russia. The Swedish company is said to be considering 2 options: working with korean GS Group at a production base in baltic Kaliningrad and launching its own plant. Swedish c... 07/01/2022
Mikron expands production of microcircuits in plastic cases Mikron is the largest manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics in Russia Mikron, the largest Russian manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics, received an opinion from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation confirming the production of a number of microcircuits in plastic cases in Russia. In the situation ... 05/01/2022
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