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What issues should be paid attention to when the capacitor is stepped down? Everyone will encounter various problems in circuit design. Capacitor step-down is also one of the common problems. In fact, the working principle of capacitor step-down is not complicated: that is, the capacitance generated by the capacitor at a certain AC signal frequency is used. Resistance to limit the maximum operating current. For examp... new.qq.com | 12/04/2021
What knowledge does wire and cable performance refer to? Wire and cable products are used in different occasions, so the functional requirements are multifaceted and very extensive. From the overall point of view, its primary functions are summarized as: 1. Electrical function Conductive function---Most products require outstanding conductive function, and a single product requires a certain resist... 163.com | 12/04/2021
Application Analysis of Varistor in Circuit Surge and Transient Protection Varistor is a voltage-limiting protection device with transient voltage upset function. Utilizing the particularly sensitive non-linear characteristics of the device, when an overvoltage occurs between the two stages of the varistor, the varistor can clamp the voltage to a relatively fixed voltage value, thereby realizing the protection of the s... baijiahao | 10/04/2021
What interference does the outside world have on the sensor's transmission signal? In the field of sensors, everyone must be very familiar with analog sensors and switch sensors. After all, in the control system, whether it is signal input or output, a parameter is either an analog quantity or a switch quantity. The switch signal is a discontinuous signal, and only has two states, such as the on and off of the switch, the o... new.qq.com | 10/04/2021
What is the role and application of capacitors in electrical appliances? A capacitor is an energy storage element, which can store a certain amount of charge in a unit of time and release it slowly. Using this characteristic of capacitors, capacitors are mainly used in electrical circuits. Filtering and resonance. Two functions. There are many kinds of capacitors that we usually see, such as electrolytic ... baijiahao | 12/04/2021
Why add a resistor between the gate and source of the MOSFET? What is the function of this resistor? It has two functions: 1. Provide a power supply for the MOSFET, and obtain the voltage division value through the resistor divider, that is, provide a bias voltage; 2. Play the role of anti-ESD static, avoid being in a high resistance state. This resistor can be regarded as a bleeder resistor to prevent the MOS tube from malfunctioning, th... baijiahao | 12/04/2021
Nanoscale metal 3D printing arrays are on Nature! Flexible structure and shape can use various materials 3D printing has completely changed the manufacturing process in the fields of electronics, optics, energy, robotics, bioengineering, and sensing. The reduced size of 3D printing technology will make it possible to utilize the characteristics of microstructures and nanostructures. However, the existing metal 3D nano-printing technology require... baijiahao | 10/04/2021
Four types of proximity sensors Proximity sensors are a type of sensor that uses electromagnetic fields, light and sound to detect the presence or absence of objects. There are many types of proximity sensors, and each type is suitable for specific application scenarios. 1. Inductive proximity sensor The working principle of an inductive proximity sensor is to use ele... new.qq.com | 12/04/2021
What is the difference between FET and thyristor? These two electronic devices are encountered in many circuits. For example, FETs can be used as switch oscillating tubes in induction cookers, and switch tubes in battery car charger circuits. FETs are more commonly used in computer motherboards; For thyristors, we commonly call thyristors. The first time I came into contact with this device was... baijiahao | 12/04/2021
High-efficiency power conversion can also be achieved at high voltages, new nano-transistors will benefit electric vehicles The power converter is a little-known system that allows us to plug in computers, lights, and televisions and turn them on in an instant. The converter converts alternating current (AC) from a wall socket into direct current (DC) required by electronic products. But in the process, they also lose an average of up to 20% of their energy. The w... baijiahao | 10/04/2021
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