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The characteristics of varactor diodes How to distinguish the positive and negative poles of varactor diodes Varactor diode is a kind of semiconductor components, mainly used in circuit tuning, frequency modulation, phase modulation, for example, when our TV receives signals, the varactor diode can be used as a variable capacitor. One. Characteristics of varactor diodes 1. It is mainly a kind of semiconductor components made according to the vari... zixun.jia.com | 18/06/2021
Comparison of parameters between gas discharge tube and other surge suppression devices Comparison of parameters between gas discharge tube and other surge suppression devices 1) Arc chopping There are two electrodes shaped like horns, with a short distance between them. When the potential difference between the two electrodes reaches a certain level, the gap is pierced and sparked and discharged, thereby releasing the overcu... sohu | 18/06/2021
What are the reasons for the damage of film capacitors Under normal circumstances, the service life of film capacitors is definitely very long. As long as the selection is correct and the use is correct, it is definitely not an electronic component that is easily damaged on the circuit. However, due to various reasons, the film capacitors used in some circuits are often damaged. What are the reasons... baijiahao | 17/06/2021
NTC thermistor detection method Several important parameters of the thermistor must be tested when applying the thermistor. Generally speaking, the thermistor is highly sensitive to temperature, so it is not appropriate to use a multimeter to measure its resistance. This is because the working current of the multimeter is relatively large, and when it flows through the thermis... baijiahao | 17/06/2021
The role of the encoder First. The role of the encoder-introduction Encoder is a hardware/software device that compiles and converts analog video signals (such as bit streams) or data into digital signals that can be used for communication, transmission, and storage. Encoders are widely used. They are mainly used to detect the speed, position, angle, distance or cou... eepw | 18/06/2021
5 major applications of magnetic sensors The magnetic sensor is a device that converts various magnetic fields and their changes into electrical signals. We can manually set up permanent magnets and use the magnetic field generated by them as carriers of various information, so that the magnetic sensor can undertake the task of detecting, storing, converting, reproducing and monitoring... new.qq.com | 18/06/2021
What is the difference between load cell and force sensor? Are their application scopes the same? In order to explain the working principle of the force sensor, we first need to answer the following questions: Most force sensors are equipped with strain gauges. How does the strain gauge work? Let us briefly understand the strain gauge. The strain gauge is firmly attached to the substrate as an electrical conductor. When the substrate is s... baijiahao | 17/06/2021
Classification and operation of spectrum analyzers A spectrum analyzer is an instrument for studying the spectrum structure of electrical signals. It is used to measure signal distortion, modulation, spectral purity, frequency stability, and intermodulation distortion. It can be used to measure certain circuit systems such as amplifiers and filters. Parameter is a multi-purpose electronic measur... sohu | 18/06/2021
What is an optocoupler, what are its characteristics, and what circuits are they used in? 1. The role of optocoupler in adjusting voltage of switching power supply We know that as a switching power supply, the power supply of the optocoupler in its circuit is obtained from the secondary voltage of the high-frequency transformer. Once the output voltage is reduced due to various reasons, the feedback current will increase according... baijiahao | 18/06/2021
Introduction to the working principle, classification and performance of optical fiber connectors An optical fiber connector is a connecting device that can be disassembled between the optical fiber and the optical fiber in the optical fiber communication transmission link in order to realize the connection of equipment, system and different modules. The device that enables the optical path to perform the transmission function according to t... 163.com | 17/06/2021
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