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STMicroelectronics Announces 2020 Third Quarter Financial Report STMicroroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange code: STM), the world’s leading semiconductor supplier spanning multiple electronic applications, has announced its compilation in accordance with the US General Accounting Principles (US GAAP) as of Septembewereqwrrwer 26, 2020 Third quarter earnings Net revenue in the third quarter was... STMicroelectronics | 24/10/2020
How Texas Instruments helped the world's largest radio telescope achieve precision and synchronization When we develop high-speed data conversion and time synchronizer, engineers and scientists can build the world's largest radio telescope array, enabling the world to obtain more deep-space data than ever before. In 2018, Dr. Krzysztof Caputa encountered a serious challenge: his astronomical instrument project led by the National Research ... Texas Instruments | 23/10/2020
Samsung Electronics VS TSMC, develop heterogeneous integration technology to face rivals Foundry leader TSMC announced that the 5nm advanced process has entered mass production in the second quarter of this year, and Samsung at the other end is also closely following. According to the latest research results of TrendForce's Top Industry Research Institute, it is estimated that in the third quarter of this year, TSMC will st... 22/10/2020
Do you know the package form and name of the resistor and capacitor? How to choose the package of resistance and capacitor? Are there any principles? For example, the same 104 capacitor has 0603, 0805 packages, and the same 10uF capacitor has 3216, 0805, 3528 packages, etc. Which package is more suitable? The resistor-capacitor package is commonly used in the circuit I have seen: capacitance: The p... TDK | 22/10/2020
Electronic components industry investment strategy in October 2020: Apple IPHONE enters the 5G cycle 1. On October 14th, Apple will release a new generation of iPhone 12 series, and iPhone will enter a new round of 5G business cycle. As iPhone pricing becomes more affordable and sales of competitors' high-end brands decline, iPhone sales are expected to reverse the decline in the previous three years and return to an upward track. 5G innova... Intel | 20/10/2020
The ARM M&A case is still fermenting the disturbance of the global semiconductor industry There are different voices in the Chinese industry and economics industry as to whether this century transaction should be released. According to media reports, on September 27, at the "Fourth Information Security Industry Development Forum", Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said when talking about NVIDIA's ... SANDISK | 22/10/2020
TSMC announced the details of 3nm technology, the first wave of production capacity for Apple After the large-scale production of TSMC’s 5nm process, TSMC’s next-generation major chip process technology, 3nm, is currently being promoted as planned. It is planned to start risky trial production in 2021 and mass production in the second half of 2022. It is reported that TSMC’s 3nm process has prepared 4 waves of prod... Intel | 12/10/2020
Toshiba Launches Photorelays in New Package for High-density Mounting TOKYO— Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched three photorelays, TLP3480, TLP3481 and TLP3482 in P-SON4, a new package with a significantly smaller mounting area than Toshiba’s SOP packages. Shipments start today. All of the new photorelays have an OFF-state output terminal voltage ... Toshiba | 09/10/2020
How to quickly find alternative models of electronic components? Chipmall platform can easily realize alternative model search, category search, parameter search, and brand search. 1. Model search Enter the corresponding model name in the homepage input box, for example, 1SS355VMTE-17, you can view the corresponding replacement model information: at the same time, you can view the corresponding model pi... Texas Instruments | 08/10/2020
Looking at the future development trend of component distributors from Mouser Electronics Smart phones are the largest market for semiconductor applications. With the rapid development of the smart phone market in recent years, the semiconductor industry is also growing. However, until now, the global smartphone market is highly concentrated, causing major market shares to be swallowed by the top five mobile phone manufacturers. Corr... ST | 07/10/2020
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