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Intelligent digital microphone enables hands-free in smart home devices
electropages | Vesper | 01/08/2020

Vesper has introduced VM3011, its first intelligent digital microphone with Adaptive ZeroPower Listening, a disruptive power-saving architecture that facilitates a 10x extension of battery standby life offering a best-in-class acoustic performance.


The device increases the family of products based on the company's patented piezoelectric MEMS transducer technology. The technology automatically learns the acoustic characteristics of the environment in real-time, enabling the system to disregard background noise and only wake in response to keywords or other desired acoustic triggers. This enables the system to hibernate over 90% of the time and increase battery life by offer 10x.


“Existing always-listening systems run continuously and must be plugged into an electrical outlet. The VM3011 creates a new paradigm where these systems can now run for months or years on battery power,” said Matt Crowley, CEO of Vesper. “This technology will power a new class of products such as always-listening far-field TV remotes, always-listening smartwatches, home security cameras and doorbells with extended battery life and many other systems. Vesper has already engaged with lead customers who plan to roll out products with the VM3011 later this year.”


Target applications for the device include IoT products, portable smart speakers, smartwatches, security cameras, far-field remote controls, automotive, glass break sensors, medical devices and other battery-powered systems.

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