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Keeping nuclear power station running safely
electropages | 01/08/2020

Heysham Nuclear Power station runs four AGR reactors on its site in the North West of the UK. Verotec was approached by Beran Instruments, a certified F4N company, to produce custom 19” subracks to house upgraded power supplies on its site. The company was chosen as the hardware supplier because of its extensive standard product portfolio and its in-house design and manufacturing abilities.


The Verotec KM6-II subrack system was chosen as the standard product platform because of its field-proven installed base, its strong and rugged design, its comprehensive range of standard sizes and its extensive choice of accessories. The custom system comprises of matched pairs of special 4U/84HP/360mm deep KM6-II subracks with vented EMC covers and custom machined rear panels. The entire system includes various widths of plug-in units to house the modules with machined and digitally printed front panels. One of the two subracks is furnished with a custom metal backing plate to support H15 DIN connectors; both versions are entirely EMC screened and are fitted with a special interlock bar to the front of the subracks to stop unauthorised removal of the plug-in modules.

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