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Q: Where is Chipmall located in? When Chipmall established?
A: HONGKONG, established in 2006.

Q: Is Chipmall a sole proprietorship and independent business?
A: YES. 

Q: What are your main products and markets?
A: We sell about 300 brands of electronic Components all over the world, The product lines include various kinds of semiconductor parts, interconnect devices, passive components and electromechanical components.. And our main markets are Europe and Russia and Asia. Among the brands distributed, there are more and more Chinese alternative brands.

Q: Are Chipmall website stocks and prices real and effective?
A: Yes, you can order online directly and we ship in 24 hours
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Q: Where does the stock data on the Chipmall come from?
A: Chipmall.com’s inventory is sourced from electronic component manufacturers and their authorized channels.

Q: Are prices negotiable?
A: Published prices are not negotiable. Published prices at chipmall.com are determined solely by the electronic component manufacturers and franchised distributor divisions. We inform these sellers of market trends, but play no active role in pricing except for offering sitewide discounts or other chipmall.com promotions.

Q: Can I submit purchase orders via email?
A: We appreciate that the business processes of some of our customers do not allow purchasing agents to enter purchase orders online. We also appreciate that some buyers are simply uncomfortable placing orders online. We welcome all orders at chipmall.com, online and offline, and we have a skilled e-commerce support team waiting to assist you.  

Q: How is shipping arranged?
A: Customers can choose industry-leading freight companies, including FedEx, UPS, and DHL, at check-out. All relevant shipping and tracking information, including airway bill numbers, is provided automatically upon shipment of each purchase.

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