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  • Tips: (Please be sure that the order status does update after Submit Order "firm order" and then make a payment to avoid other problems arising from unconfirmed postpay)
  • 1. ECCN restrictions
    US high-tech export controls because of restrictions and regulations, there may be some device in the booking process of being told not to export to the Chinese market, our customer service staff will notify you cancel your order, please understand.
  • 2. The tariff, commodity inspection, 3C certification issue
    Under normal circumstances, in accordance with national customs regulations, part of the class for non-integrated components may require additional increase of 5% -20% of the tariff, the other switches, fuses, gas discharge tubes and other required inspection and 3C certification, such as your order product increase the need for additional duties or need for inspection and 3C certification at the time of declaration, our customer service staff will promptly notify you and ask you to pay with additional duties, inspection fees and 3C certification.
  • 3. The overweight problem
    For the large part of the volume, overweight device may involve additional international shipping is required with payment. Our customer service staff will promptly notify you and ask you to pay with the shipping.
  • 4. Order Audit question
    Since the goods may exist tariffs, embargoes, etc., Microchip mall setting orders audit. After you successfully submit your order, we need to confirm the order by the microchip mall customer service staff, no problem and then make a payment.
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